Personal and Business Evolution is an inside out understanding and process.  My practice began with franchising where I drew on my ability to enable and empower personal thinking and choice to help clients fit into a rewarding business.  Providing a safe place for individuals allows them to grow from a solid foundation and enable their creativity to multiply exponentially.  Focusing first on the individual, then business operations, processes and procedures also enables profits to grow and change to happen.  Change facilitates the growth of our lives and our businesses.  Be Amazing … Think Differently … Create …

  • Winston Bersch





Having experienced both success and successful failure through life and business, my story is unique, as is everyone’s, and yet applicable to everyone I meet.  My keynotes and trainings, while infused with humor, have their foundation built on the inside out understanding that is the true basis of our lives and is at the same time the opposite of what most of us were raised and taught to believe.  Yes, I can be a bit controversial at times and will always leave my audience contemplating and creating with actionable ideas and processes.



The greatest strides one can make originate from the inside out of the individual genuinely open to changing their experience and who are willing to evolve.  This concept then transfers naturally to their organization.  We do not push an off the solution to you.  We enable with you, from a safe place, the creation of solutions that are yours and your organizations and then enable their effective and profitable implementation.



Meetings, retreats and seminars whether small or large are exponentially more productive and successful when they are kept on track with discipline, humor and purpose.  Freeing up those intimately involved in the outcome enables the team to reach the heights they are expecting.  We provide this service for your organization and perform it from an inside out foundation.


General and Project Management – Consultation

Providing leadership and implementation from conception to completion.  With a long and flourishing career in Business Management and Development, we are able to influence and guide all aspects of a business’s life and evolvement from birth through any transformation.  From small pieces through and including the bigger pictures.