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What is “Your Golden Hour”?


Medically the “Golden Hour” is that period of time after which the physical body experiences extreme trauma, and/or system shut down, that one must receive adequate and appropriate medical attention – intervention – or we will simply move on from this life.  Miracles are common place in today’s trauma centers as Winston is still on this planet as a result.

While medically we are incredibly proficient with these miracles we are still at the beginning of the evolutionary changes in thinking and behavior that can, do, and will catapult us to currently unknown realms that are available to us.

Winston has also thrived through the challenges of business creation and success as well successful failures.  The real truth is that we first evolve as individuals, from the inside out, and then this naturally becomes the basis for our lives.  Winston, through practical experience and humor, speaks, trains, and guides clients and their businesses from where they currently are to where they innately belong.

Your Golden Hour

Is Forever This Moment

Is Within You

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